Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Solution

Westfield Energy Resources Limited covers inspection, maintenance and repair works of our clients to support their business requirements for Asset Integrity Management System.

We support our client regularly in monitoring any equipment to ensure its continued operation and identify any possible area of premature failure. This aims at improving the awareness of essential personnel (including topside engineers, technical and operational personnel) to avoid asset failures.

We support in the management and planning of all activities associated with operation & maintenance (O&M), integrity management and upgrades associated with the assets team. Our support, in addition to (O&M), includes risk management and supply chain management.

Westfield Energy Resources Limited is involved in entire design life-cycle and development strategy to enhance your Safety Engineering. The cost savings, safety and business case and risk based strategy can be significant to change the status of your asset development and portfolio investment.

We provides risk assessment and advises on the development of cost-effective plant, oversee and prepare maintenance plan, project scoping, time and cost evaluation and project management. We support you in making timely decision on key Inspection, Maintenance and Repair objectives, choosing services, data acquisition, data processing and interpretation, expectation management and critical change management scenarios during construction or facility upgrade.

At Westfield Energy Resources Limited, we pride ourselves in our resources management and the value chain we bring to your business. Our Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) team assesses performance improvement plan and seek out opportunities to bring additional values to your business with importance in People, Environment, Asset, Risk and Safety strategies. We seek to achieve and exceed your key performance indicators, priorities benchmark proposals and operations best practices to drive effective planning and performance.
Our business provides comprehensive specialist support for shutdown/overhaul, maintenance, M&E (Mechanical & Electrical) repairs, tankage and special engineering services.
Our team offer related value adding services, including: production and maintenance optimization; asset integrity management; asset transfer services; and life extension-of-asset strategies.