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Quality, Health, Safety, Security, & Environment

The quality of our products, combined with the environmentally processes; avoidance of accidents and the well-being of our staff and customers is a fundamental element of our successful business activity. The established and implemented Quality Management System in Westfield is based on the qhsserequirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard, which is maintained consistently following the principle Plan-Do-Check-Act.


We are committed to improve and to strengthen our brand/Company’s reputation and success.

Quality is our main competitive advantage and the requirements and expectations of our customers must be satisfied.


In Westfield Energy Resources Limited, we are committed to consistently meeting customer expectations on quality and delivery by complying with specifications, requirements, safety norms, adhering with legal/statutory requirements as it applies to our organizational processes and products. We will continually improve our management system through the implementation of an effective training program, internal audit, management review and analysis of relevant data.


The quality of our products, combined with the environmental-friendly processes; avoidance of accidents and the well-being of our staff and customers is a fundamental element of our successful business strategy. Our established and implemented Quality Management System is based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard. This standard is maintained consistently following the PCDA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) principle.


We believe that a healthy workforce is important to the growth of an organization. That is why we have defined policies and procedures that guide us in maintaining the health and welfare of our employees and we require our subcontractor to maintain, at least, the same health standards.


We develop occupational health programs for all work activities, establish support with health professionals and encourage active participation of all managers in driving the process. We insist on personnel 100% fitness to work, implement health monitoring strategies and apply work life balance to achieve our occupational health objectives.


Safety is not just a top priority but a way of life and a key part of our corporate values. We believe Safety is good business and we implement a full range of safety programs that are aimed at accident and loss prevention.


All new employee, contractor and visitors on Westfield operation are indoctrinated to Westfield Safety culture; young

employees are assigned a buddy; all of these are in a bid to increase safety awareness and reduce undue exposures.


We implement safety consideration right for project (Front End Engineering Design) FEED, deploy safe Operating equipment and materials; follow approved safety procedures, code, standard and work within safe operating limits. Our safety philosophy is “if it is not safe, we don’t do it”.


Our business continuity initiative is tied to our commitment to effective security management. As such, we place so much importance on the protection of employees, Contractors, the general public and company property wherever we operate. We integrate security management into all business operation by considering security implication during business planning.


We implement a consistent approach around our organization in identifying, evaluating, controlling and mitigating security risk and threat and apply result of risk assessment to the prevailing worksite.


We have respect for the environment and we are committed to preserving the earth’s resources for the future generation with a view to secure long-term sustainability of the Oil & Gas industry.


We manage environmental impacts caused by our products and services by implementing plans, programs and guidelines, across our entire operation and complying with all relevant legal requirements, code of practice and regulations.


We are aware of the onerous challenge of maintaining environmental integrity but our environmental management system (EMS) has the flexibility to respond to local conditions. Periodically, we also constitute an environmental committee to research on best environmental practice, provide training and report environmental performance.

HSE Records & Policy – ( LTI-0/ Over 400k man-hours in 2015)

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Our Mission

To create superior value for all
our stakeholders by consistently exceeding expectations

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of integrated energy solutions in  Africa by delivering quality projects to our clients in a safe and timely manner.