Westfield | QIT Power Distribution Upgrade Project (QPDUP); The Journey So far
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QIT Power Distribution Upgrade Project (QPDUP); The Journey So far

Installation Rigging up of the Electrical Module

QIT Power Distribution Upgrade Project (QPDUP); The Journey So far

For over four decades, the QIT Power distribution facility has been operating as a major Electrical and Instrumentation (E &I) network provider and over the years, there have been load additions and several attempts made to upgrade the facility/infrastructure.

QPDUP Objectives

  • Upgrade the QIT Power distribution system by installation of a new substation and replacement of the existing transformers in the crude oil mail loading pump area
  • Replacing the existing electrical substations and load centres  

To achieve this drive, Westfield Energy Resources Limited was awarded the contract to handle: 

  1. Procurement  of 11Nos Assembled Power Modules (APMs) 
  2. Procurement of 2 Nos 15MVA Power Transformers
  3. Lifting/Installation, Testing and commissioning of the Assembled Power Modules (APMs) /2Nos 15 MVA Power Transformers.

Westfield with its Technical Partner Powell (OEM) were able to deliver the Assembled Power Modules (APMs)   to NETCO/MPN before agreed schedule. 

Westfield is expected to perform the following activities for the Lifting and Positioning of APM & 15MVA Transformer which is currently on-going at QIT:

  • work with NETCO/MPN to confirm The level of the plinths of the APMs and the Transformers
  • provide transportation for the APMs and 15MVA transformers from the laydown/storage area to its designated installation site and plinths in 
  • lift, position, re-assemble and install APMs (splits and non-splits) on the plinths, including any required tie-down connection(s);
  • confirm alignment of all joints within the split APMs;
  • confirm alignment and elevation of the 15MVA transformer base;
  • perform visual inspection, integrity check and weatherproof check of all installed APMs for final acceptance by NETCO/MPN
  • perform visual inspection, integrity check, and acceptance of the installed 15MVA transformers;
  • reinstate and/or re-connect any system / cabling within the split APMs removed or disconnected during shipment.

The lifting  campaign which is currently going on is 90% completion. It is tasking, bearing  in mind that all the critical lift are carried out in Exxon Mobil live field. 

On this campaign, heavy duty lifting equipments like cranes of various sizes, multi wheels trucks, low beds, man lifts, trained and  specialized personnel were deplored for these operations. 

The design and fabrication of the APM platform, stairways and landing is still on-going.  

Meanwhile, the structural designs of the 8Nos buildings stairways and landings are completed and issued them for construction (IFC). This will enable fabrication to commence so that the access platform with the stairways, handrails and landings will be installed on the Plinths and civil structures as well as perform any other required connection to it in accordance with the specification and drawings.

Completion of fabrication; transportation of Fabricated Structures from yard to QIT as well as the installation/erection of Fabricated Stairways and Landings have also been scheduled for implementation.

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